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    dear fellow treo users. now that sprint has sent us the 1.2 updater and for those of us who purchased the treo600sms application, do we need this application any more? also, should we keep the sms from sprint on 1-29-04 telling us there is a treo600 fix. i am trying to celan up unused data and progams from my treo to make more space.

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    Treo600SMS hasn't been necessary since Sprint rolled out true SMS last February. Before then, Sprint had Short Mail and Treo600SMS let the Treo's SMS client interface with the Short Mail system. Once SMS went live, Treo600SMS wasn't necessary.
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    Ya, but it took them forever to get it to go live, which sucked.
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    IMHO Short Mail was one of Sprint's biggest blunders ever. It was nice to be able to send and check messages from the web if you can't use your phone but it definitely wasn't worth the drawbacks. It was so cumbersome and unreliable, it was just a bad system. But once Sprint got SMS they got it working smoothly pretty quickly, at least in my area. They still don't officially support internation SMS except Canada but otherwise it seems to be on par with their competitors.
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    thanks letsgoflyers81. i will delete the treo600sms and the text from sprint.


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