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    Will I be able to see ALL my IMAP folders with VersaMail and be able to move messages in/out of those folders on my Treo? Or, do I need an application like Chatter or SnapperMail? What are the advantages to using an alternative program like these instead of the FREE VersaMail provided with the Treo? Sorry for the NEWBIE questions! I'm just trying to get prepared for my 650 that I should be receiving in a couple days. Thanks for your help!
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    I only have about 8 IMAP folders, but I am able to move messages between them using VersaMail 2.6.1 on my Tungsten T3. I use SnapperMail 2 Enterprise Edition on my Treo 600. I like SnapperMail because it gives you more features like the ability to archive messages from RAM to an expansion card. This is cook because it will free up RAM on the Treo 650 - which is a good thing because records written to memory on a Treo 650 takes up about 33% more space than it did on the Treo 600. This is due to now the non-volitate memory was implemented on the Treo 650.

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