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    All of sudden (as of Monday morning), 2 of the 3 computers I use are not recognizing my palm. This is effecting hotsynch and attempts to connect via Card Export.

    The computer displays the message: "USB Device Not Recognized"

    I first noticed at work. But, I figured that perhaps a security update had been made on my system, and since I lick Administrator privilieges, I could not make changes. However, the problem occurred on two other co-workers' PCs. The co-workers each have admin access on their machines.

    I then experienced the same thing on my laptop. However, everything is fine on my Home Desktop PC.

    My home PC has Windows XP Home Edition. My laptop is Windows XP Professional. I am not aware of any relevant changes on my Treo.

    Any ideas?
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    It occurs to me that my work desktop and laptop are set to receive automatic updates. Has Windows made anu updates that effect the USB detection?
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    I have a customer that started having the same problems. It was first reported to us Jan 14, 2005. They have 3 Treo 650's and all of them refused to sync. I'm wondering if Windows Update did break something? They are all WinXP. I'd be interested to hear of any solutions.
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    Leave the treo plugged in works for me!

    Whenever I connect to my pc after booting up, it works flawlessly. When I disconnect the treo and try to connect again, I get the same message. BUT if I leave the treo in for about two minutes after getting the message, it seems to correct itself and works fine - a bit annoying if you're running out the door and need to transfer something quick, but...

    I'm using WinXP Pro with all the latest updates, but no service packs installed in case anyone's interested in tracking down the issue.

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