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    I use the Palm OS Emulator (using Palm IIIxe compatible ROM) to 'preview' s/w before possibly loading on Visor Deluxe. However, in trying Image Viewer III and AlbumsToGo, the emulator gives warning messages about 'reading CPU registers' and 'writing to screen memory' and implies that these improper behaviors could cause lockups etc. Does this mean that these apps should not be used with the Visor?
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    I use Image Viewer III with no problems at all...if that helps?
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    No not at all. It is just some limitations of the emulator. Some applications write directly to the screen memory and I don't think the emulator can handle it. If an application gives you those errors just run them directly on the Visor. A lot of games and graphic type programs do this.

    I would not worry unless the said application gives you problems on the Visor itself and even then it could be conflicts with hacks etc...

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