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    I've been trying to follow the Treo650 carkit/GPS discussion, but need some help with a couple practical issues... I like the Seidio carkit best, but:

    1. 2100M is cheapest & seems that I would prefer higher sound quality & stereo output (especially for MP3's) thru car stereo versus the 2500 w/ its amplified speaker & higher cost. Any practical reason to choose the more expensive 2500 over the 2100M???

    2. I'm saving my pennies to get a GPS, but I really prefer TomTom over Mapopolis software-- any limitations on running TomTom GPS & maps thru the Seidio carkit???

    3. Since I plan to use carkit w/ attached GPS receiver (so that the carkit charges my Treo650 and the GPS)-- is there any practical reason to purchase the more expensive bluetooth GPS units versus a nonbluetooth system???

    Thanks for any help-- I'm confused..............
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    1: They may use the word gps, but these models don't seem to have an actual gps attatched.
    2: Tomtom works great on my 650 with their gps receiver. They still have the software only package on hold. Also most of the maps and program fits nicely on an sd card so it doesn't use precious internal memory. The maps also come as state not county so there is no problem with switching when you leave one county and go to another as there is with mapopolis.
    3: I kept crashing mapopolis I think from lack of room.
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