Alright. I write music in various mediums. One of those just happens to be a Yamaha RS7000. From it, I've organized a short composition and recorded it with Logic Pro 5.5 as a .wav file. I've editted it, to be less than 15 seconds, and less than 64KB or whatever and converted it to .mp3 format. I've uploaded it to one of my available webhosts. I've also successfully managed to download it to my phone. If I choose to play without saving, it plays and sounds like I knew it would. If I choose to save, it gives me an error: (0x2A13)

I click OK and it's gone.

I've also tried to convert the file to .mid, but only by changing the file extension to .mid, not converting all the timbres therin the ringer to polyphonic tones with an editor. I upload it. It successfully downloaded with the simple factory ringtone manager. It shows up in my list. But when I assign it and try to preview the sound, I hear nothing. I try a factory sound; it works fine.

What am I doing wrong?