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    This is not a chatter question but since we are all on IMAP accounts, I was wondering what client do you all use on your desktop? The Chatter client on my treo handles IMAP better than my desktop client (Outlook 2000, email only mode).

    Marc...any chance at a windows IMAP client???
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    Mozilla Thunderbird all the way
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    I use Outlook, but I really don't love any of them.

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    I use Thunderbird, Fastmail's web interface, or mutt most often. I've also used Mulberry and a couple of Emacs IMAP clients. I don't really love any of them either. Thunderbird seems inconsistent in whether it notices new mail in some of my subfolders. None of them integrate with my Palm address book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dumas
    None of them integrate with my Palm address book.
    dumas -

    Check out some of the products here: Maybe they have a program that can help you. I use DoubleLook and love it.

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    Thunderbird does what I need, moves deletes to the trash, sends to the sent folder in my Imap and mostly will download the complete message when recieved so I dont have to wait for the attachments every time I click on a new message.... I will still use outlook to manage my contacts and calendar.

    Thanks for the input!
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    I use Mozilla because TBird has too much of a "Internet Explorer" feel.

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