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    This is annoying. I Have a 50MB mpeg, if I convert using Kinoma producer, it produces a 105MB *.pdb file. Is anyone having this issue.
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    Yes, I also have this problem. For some reason .pdb files are larger than the native mpeg. Are you using Kinoma 3 EX which has mpeg4 support? You can also play the highly compressed acc music files (as opposed to the larger mp3 files). Another solution is to get mmplayer, which can play native mpeg files on you Palm OS pda. Still a third option is SmartMovie player which looks pretty decent, although I believe it is newer than Kinoma and mmplayer and thus I don't have much experience with it.
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    1. Convert to Mppeg 4 if you want it small otherwise old converter is 2x size of MPEG2 files.
    2. Make sure to do a resize to your screen size and set bit rate (100 or so), mono, etc.

    using the defaults in Kinoma 3 makes this eay. If you're using the old 2 producer then you're stuck.
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    I'm about to buy Kinoma 3, but was wondering about file size. How do the MPEG 4 files compare in size to the original file converted by Kionoma. Logic would tell me that it's smaller, but as stated here that wasn't the case with Kinoma 2.

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