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    we produce screen protectors for mobile devices and expect the Treo 650 to be available in Germany soon. Our aim is to have the protectors ready when the Treo comes out, but as there are still no devices available we aren't able to get the screen’s measurements.
    Could someone of you please take the 650 and measure the exact dimensions of the visible screen as shown on the picture below (if possible in millimeters)?This would help us very much! Please E-Mail to

    Thank you in advance!

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    X = 46.5 mm
    Y = 46 mm

    That's what i measure. Can someone confirm. The screen should be square, so perhaps 46X46 is more accurate.
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    Thank you! Could you please also measure the upper and lower edge radius? Und could someone please confirm?
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    I’m not sure whether it is clear, so I try to precise what we need :

    We need the exact measurements of the visible Screen (frame to frame). The size of the display-unit itself (it is bigger. because the plastic of the casing covers some of it) as well as the possible measurement of a screen protector wouldn’t help us. We will calculate the optimal screen protector size on our own out of the measurements you give us.

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    My mistake. I thought you wanted a measurement of x and y from the middle of that edge radius you show.

    The Visible Screen is 44mm X 44mm
    From edge to edge is 47mm X 47mm

    Unfortunately i don't have any way of measuring the edge radius. Sorry.
  6. #6 couldn't you request this info from P1 directly? (They must have partner, developer channels.) I realize they can't necessarily send you a unit, but I assume they could send you the precise engineering measurments.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers

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