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    HELP!!! I did a backup (using both newest versions of BackupMan and BackUpBuddy) and then had to restore and now it won't restore my calendardb-pdat or my memosdb-pmen. I have much older backups of these and it never had a problem until just now! I need my calendar and have no hotsync of it (just the backups on the card). HELP!! (The latest backups were with my phone on).
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    HAHA!! Just kidding. The same thing happened to me too. Do you use Datebk5? Unfortunately, I never did find a way to restore those files. I had to go back to a week-old backup.

    This has not been a problem with the latest version of Datebk5 (yet).
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    There is another thread that indicates the calendar file gets corrupted if you perform the back up on BackupMan while the radio is on. Do a search- it might explain what's happening to yours.

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    I've had to restore on several occasions and I use BackupMan as my primary backup (CardBackup is secondary). I always have the radio on because I change my 650 every night. I have never had a corrupted CalendarDB file and always restores flawlessly from most recent backup. I'm using the latest beta (v1.52b5) although I never had a problem with v1.45 or v1.51. I'm sure you already thought of this, but do you have a recent hotsync you can use? You might consider upgrading to a newer version of BackupMan and see if that one works. Also, is the CalendarDB file in the backup the appropriate size (ie; if you select "Restore individual files", and look at the CalendarDB, does it look like a tiny file... the size it would be if it was brand new, or a larger file)?
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    I'm having the same problem. This is how it happened:
    I was trying to move myCheckbook databases to the SD card and it wouldn't let me. It crashed like 2 times, but on the 3rd time it crashed I lost most of my preferences and unsaved preferences. So I did a restore over what I had (No hardReset) and I lost all my contacts. Then I did a hard reset and still no contacts. So I did a contacts restore from my Outlook and I got everything back. HOWEVER, even though the CalendarDB is 569k when I copy it to the SD card it shows as 64k. Anybody that can help me with this?



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