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    DigitalMass today reviews, which you can use, like AvantGo, to download online info to your Palm/Visor. The main difference that I saw is that Yodlee has partnerships with a wide variety of providers, like travel agency (download your itineraries to your Visor), many credit card agencies (synch your current balance), and online banking services. It's certainly worth a look and is, of course, free.

    My only question about the service is that it doesn't seem to synch the non-personal items in your profile. That is, it won't put the NY Times Front Page on your profile, but it will put your credit card balance, itineraries, etc. on the Visor. If anyone else figures this out, let me know.
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    I forgot to leave the URL for those interested in the Yodlee review (

    - david
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    I'm having the same will only sync account balances, etc. However, since Avantgo handles all of the news sites, etc. I guess I can be happy with a combination of the two for now...

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