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    I want to play around with watching movies on my Treo 650.
    I've downloaded MM Player and installed it.
    I've also found some movies online (avi or pdb files).

    Problem is...I don't quite know how to get these files from my PC to my card in my Treo as the files are 10-20Meg each....).

    I have spent 45 minutes tonight surfing around on the net and it seems that I have two options...

    1) Use a card reader and put the .avi file directly onto the card and then plug it into my Treo, or

    2) Use some sort of tool to be able to save directly to the card when doing a hotsync...

    Does anyone know what application to use - and how to use it - to do number 2 above? I just want to load a movie or two to see if I like it enough to go ahead and get a card reader maybe..

    Appreciate any help!
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    hi tiffany,

    of course you can copy the movies via synchronisation to your card. but this will take a lot of time (and normal movies like from a dvd are about 80 mb large;-)

    maybe you better buy a usb card reader for your pc and copy the movies via you file manager (explorer or whatever). card reader are cheap and opying the files will take some minutes only

    good luck, whatever you decide to do,
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    I've had no problem copying full length movies to my T600 via synchronization. I think it averages about 15 minutes to complete the sync.
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    For me it depends on the card.

    256 mb Lexar - I use card reader or CardExportII (allows Treo to appear as a removable usb drive)
    1gb SanDisk - I have to use the Card ExportII method. As soon as I stick that 1gb card in the card reader the data is corrupted. Kinda stinks cause I get a much faster transfer using the card reader.

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    I have a 1gb card and a USB 2.0 reader. I can copy hundreds of megs in a few minutes and be ready to go! I am testing Kinoma Producer for movies because it compresses them down quite a lot. I bought a USB 2 interface for my desktop and it speed up writing to the card significantly.
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    Get a multiple card reader. They're cheap and you may find other uses in the future. And/or purchase the program Card Export.

    Please post your experiences with video on the Treo with MMPlayer. I have plenty of digital video (Divx mostly (including the entire NEW season of Battlestar ;>)) and "tivo" using my computer BUT I have had little success in converting to use with the Palm/MMPlayer so I am always looking for other people's experiences.
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    I downloaded and tried Card Export II (thanks!) and it works great when I want to put an .avi file on the card. Great!! Thanks.

    I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the video..think I'll download another movie clip or something tonight

    Battlestar? Gotta look for that one
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    Are you downloading video already formatted for the Trep/MMPlayer combo or are you re-compressing larger files for viewing on the Treo? I'm picking your brain as I have had little time to experiment with this.

    Battlestar Galactica the new series on the SciFi channel but the series was already aired in Europe and as I couldn't wait I got them all with BiTTorrent. Pretty good series. Stands on it's own regardless of the old one.
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    Oh, I've just downloaded some clips that were already formatted for view with MMPlayer (.avi files).

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