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    I thought this was REALLY neat.
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    Let's see, I've owned about 10 of those on the list.

    Performa 630CD
    Powerbook 165C
    Powerbook G3 500
    3 ibook G3 500's
    2 ibook G4's
    Ipod mini

    Used many of the "antique" ones on the list at work:

    Mac Portable
    Mac Classic
    Mac LC
    original imac

    Makes you feel old!
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    The only one I ever had was an Apple II. Not a IIe or IIc, but the original commercial Apple.
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    There are two Classics listed. The second one looks like a IIcx.
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    There are quite a few missing. Where is the original Mac? The original powerbook? The Pippen? It's almost like they just took what they could find and slapped it in a .jpg and didn't bother actually trying to make a complete list.
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    just one of the Ipod shuffles (1gig) pretty cool little toy
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    Here's a cool site showing the evolution of all PalmOS devices!
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    I had a Mac Plus for a while; I used RedRyder to dial up to BBSes. Even used a "Mac cracker" Torx driver to open it up and increase the memory (add memory/move solder trace).

    Those were the days...

    gfunk: Notice that the T650 didn't make the Palm list?
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    I have a Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac IICI, Mac Centris 610, Performa 6400, G3 Beige Desktop, G4 Quicksilver, 15 Inch Aluminium Powerbook

    But I also have an eMate! Damn, eMates are cool! I love that thing, I just wish apple would have continued with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones
    just one of the Ipod shuffles (1gig) pretty cool little toy
    I bought one too. I love it. My first Apple since the Apple IIc.
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    Let's see, I may get some of the names wrong, but I've owned:

    On the Mac side:

    IIcx (still have it, still works)
    PowerBook 145
    PowerBook Duo
    PowerBook 5300 (dog, first Power PC PowerBook)
    PowerBook 2300 (still have it, kinda of works)
    APS Tower (G3-still have it, state unknown)
    PowerBook 3400 (?)
    PowerMac G4 400MHz Single (still have it, still works)
    PowerMac G4 1.25GHz Dual (still have it, main home machine)
    Two iPod Mini's (my children's)

    On the Palm Side:

    Sig says it all...
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    "enjoy your life"

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