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    I just got my Treo 650 AND LOVE IT!


    (1) I think the contacts (v1.2.1) that came with my Treo is good software. But... I don't like how it shows the name and then all associated numbers for that contact then then next name and so forth.

    This is a cell phone... I just want a list that shows me the Name and an icon notifying me if it's cell, work, etc... like normal cells do. Does Palm update the contacts software much?

    If you guys recommend third-party software, please mention if it's seamless. I like the professional look of the dial pad and such in the Treo 650 and don't want to replace that... just tweak the contacts list view a little.

    (2) Why won't the stupid thing do First Name and then Last. I am a graduating college student... when I go out and want to invite a friend to the bar I don't want to have to think all corporate and do last name first! lol.

    (3) Is there a way to show icon view for contacts? Like if I choose a category called "My Fav Friends" I want their pics to come up as little icons and I just click who to call. If I choose another contact category such as "Business People" it would show Last name then First Name and finally if I choose a category called "Other Folks" it would show a list (without phone numbers) sorted First Name and then Last. I know that's a lot but that's the way it should work... nice and simple!!!!

    (4) Where does it store the contact photo? I use the palm desktop and put the photo with the contact and it all shows up nicely on my Treo but I am worried about memory useage? Does it store it as a smaller resolution file or if I put a 320x240 pic in the contact list it would download it to the Treo? Where can I get info on all that?

    Ok so there's the questions, basically the third question is the way I want my Treo 650 to work... I'm crossing my fingers there's something out there to do this!
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    Ok, so I guess no one was interested the first time . Here is what I am talking about...

    I mocked this up using the contact photos view in the Palm Desktop software. Is there a program out there that can flip through your contacts with pictures? Below is what I would think it would look like...

    This would be awesome and there has to be something like this already made?!?!
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    I know it's not "PC" to bump your own posts but com'mon guys...

    NO ONE thinks this would be a hot feature?
    Does it exist?
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    Cool idea, but I have not heard of such a beast. I like the list view that comes with it, more bang for the buck (more people and numbers on the screen). I also use the search feature (fist initial then last) and can find most people in two strokes and scroll down. I like having the numbers and the letter designation (H for Home). An icon for each category would be OK, but I don't need it.
    So, howz zat... Not hot enough for me.
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    For what it's worth I like your idea and think it would be a cool feature.

    EDIT: If something doesn't already exist maybe you should post your mock-up in the developers forum to see if anyone is interested on making it happen.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    I agree the stock contact software is lame. I prefer the look/feel of a regular phone, but I don't think Palm One/Palm Source thinks like us, however...
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    Well I just downloaded the PALM SDKs (after much confusion) and I am going to take a stab at writing this myself.

    Here is a post I put on the Palm developers forum,

    If anyone knows of any other places I can ask developer questions or has any other input for a noob PALM programmer please put it here. Anyone know where I can get sample code for a program that uses the contacts information so I can figure out how that's done?

    Here's a mock-up of what I want it to look like:

    Hopefully I can get this to work because I think it would be a really cool feature to just start up my app and be able to browse through your contacts with the pictures, and then be able to call them! Post support right here if you like this idea and want to see it built.
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    I think that would make it alot easier and faster to use my contacts. If you can pull this off please let me know.
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    My sentiments exactly traderdan... also, why would I go through all the trouble of adding contact pictures on my Palm Desktop if the only time I really can see them is when that contact calls me?!? I want to see it there to browse with, when I call that person and when that person calls me! Hell I'd love it to tatoo new callers on my *** when they call, but I might be dreaming now, lol!
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    This would be extremely cool for those of us who have a relatively small number of contacts, I like it!

    Palm probably didn't include it because the majority of Treo650 users are business persons with 2000+ contacts...
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    Genius idea Trapped....


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    I love the idea! This would basically be like a replacement for the shortcuts...but graphical!

    Looking for beta testers? =)
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    Take a look at TapDial:

    There's a version for the Treo 600 that uses photos, but it isn't clear if it works with the Treo 650. Worth a shot, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrappedAtUF
    I just got my Treo 650 AND LOVE IT!

    (2) Why won't the stupid thing do First Name and then Last. I am a graduating college student... when I go out and want to invite a friend to the bar I don't want to have to think all corporate and do last name first! lol.
    If you start typing the person's first name, it will start whittling down the list of names that are shown. IIRC, it does a match of what you type against First Name, Last Name, and I think First Name/Last Initial (kinda hazy on that last, I could be wrong).

    But I do like your graphical dial idea!! Good Luck!
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    Wozzer... yeah, Palm geared it toward business users that's probably why they didn't add that feature but I want to write the program so it will remember the last category used so you can just show your 'friends' or any other category you wish as icons. That can be useful to everyone.

    Lorea... sure but beta testing is faaar away since I am just learning how to code for the Palm OS. It's not that difficult but those are famous last words, ha! Here is a post I started in the developer's section, I am building the GUI now and will start filling in the holes as I learn about using the Palm and Treo API's. I am a pretty good C-programmer but, anyone a great C-programmer that might want to help with all my dumb little questions along the way?

    Joebar... I like that name, might steal it I was thinking EzContacts but PicDial's got a nice ring to it.

    Ldoron... That program's pretty cool. Kinda like what I want to do but I want to make my program seamless. You won't have to add any additional shortcuts or info because it will use the phonebook contacts and their pictures automatically.

    Icewing... yeah I use that feature to drill down my contacts because I have about 300 of them myself (and I haven't even started making that many business contacts yet!). Thanks for the good wishes , gonna need it trying to write this thing!

    Let's keep the good ideas flowing... the Treo is the best thing to happen to cell phones since the invention of Solo cups (provided you have a long string)!
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    Keep us updated, and if ya have questions, post em here -- we can help ya research answers!
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    So are ya done writing this thing yet?
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    Well i've gotten a little out of the gate but it's pretty hard getting all the API's to work and whatnot. I'm working tho, so hopefully one day soon
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    what you are looking for is an app called Contacts 5 Photo Edition 5.4, you can find it on
    Treoing & Loving it
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