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  1. #21 looks like Contacts 5 is incompatible with Treo 650's.
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    gt - Did you have any problems using it on your treo? I hava a 650 and when I try to install it on my device I get the message telling me:
    "This version of Contacts 5 is designed for high resolution handhelds. Your handheld does not support high-resolution graphics. Please install Contacts5C.prc for this device and try again."

    The lo-res version works, but that's no fun... I have the same problem with Contacts 5 and PE (picture edition). The hi-res versions worked just fine on my Tungsten.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    Contacts 5 Photo Edition 5.4
    Unfortunately, there's a note that reads:
    this product is also incompatible with the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 handhelds. We hope that PalmOne will release an operating system patch soon for these devices.
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    Oops, people already posted info on compatibility, I type to slow,
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