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    I have been evaluating TreoAlarm and it's pretty good. I like the weather download feature although I seem to have to leave the phone on for it to work (can't find out a way to make it make the connection on it's own). Any other alarm programs I should look at? I'm using a T600.


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    Palmary is one off the top o' me head.

    and I can't remember if Worldmate offers an alarm feature, or not. But still a useful program. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I have used BeeOnTime and TreoAlarm. I like both but lean to TreoAlarm. The snooze button is larger. I'm a snoozer. I don't have it check the weather automatically. I generally do that later. I do have my phone plugged in at night so I could have it check. I just opt not to. To me that's one less thing to go wrong and the alarm not work.
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    I am using treo 600 too. PalmaryClock, Worldmate, Butler and TreoAlarm both have very nice alarm choice. I am using Butler for this purpose, no reason except got used to But one thing, TreoAlarm is free. Well, your call.
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    Bob's alarm is very nice -- been using that for awhile. Does anyone know if there's an alarm clock that supports a gradual wake up? In other words, it'll sound first at a low volume, and then again somewhat higher, and then higher, until full volume?

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    Treo Alarm does that
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    I really like Bob's Alarm.....

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    When i use a long midi song with Bobs Alarm i can not turn it off until the song is completely done.

    Have you experienced this Ceb?
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    I have been using TreoAlarm mapped to my calendar button, I LOVE the quick access to weather, clean interface for alarms, and multiple alarm capability. It has been very stable. I have not gotten to work on the SD (tried zlauncher and powerrun) but it is not that big anyway - developer says he is working on MP3 tie in as well. Try it, I find it the most used utility on my Treo next to ChatterMail.
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    you get 6 mp3 alarms with Butler - as well as a lot more!

    $7.95 until the end of the month...
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    Although BigTimePRO has only one alarm (and it's not pretty), it's the best time programme I've found. It can display the current time and up to four other times simulataneously and has a far better user interface than TreoAlarm.

    Another very nice feature is a little button you can hit next to one of the internation times, which will update you Palmäs system time to that zone - perfect for frequent travellers!

    It's also very light-weight, has a time calculator and can show Julian week numbers - perfect for Sweden
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    I use Bob's Alarm and Butler (depending on where each is in the development stage). Both use Pockettunes to play MP3s and both have extremely receptive developers.

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