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    Just got the HBH-200. This is the one with the wired earpiece/mic. (BTW, Danscellphoneaccessories has them cheap, cheap, cheap). Nice thing about is that you can use it with ANY headset that has the standard jack. Nice. It is plenty loud. However, I do have an issue and I'm not sure if it's the Treo or the headset. If I am talking and accidently hit a touchtone the volume decreases quite a bit and I can't increase it. I have used the "mute" trick, so that isn't the problem and using the mute/unmute again doesn't fix the problem. Any ideas out there?
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    so the caller id part works with the 650 no problem?
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    Wow, I was looking into this headset, cause it is smaller and easy to put in my purse and has callerid. But in this mini-review what do you mean by "If I am talking and accidently hit a touchtone the volume decreases quite a bit." Can you please elaborate? Areyou speaking of accidentally hitting the keypad and hearing the touchtone?

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    yes, that is what I mean. If I accidently hit the keypad. This happens when I close the cover of my Piel Frama case. I hear the touchtone and the the volume decreases. I still need to use this thing more to give it a full evaluation. And, yes, the caller id seems to work ok on it. Pretty small digits, though.
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    Any more info on this? I just ordered one and I'm having trouble finding any reviews on it. Thanks
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    I have had this headset for over 6 months and let me tell you it's not that great. Being that it is a wired/wireless headset, it sort of defeats the purpose. The wire still gets in the way. The biggest problem with the hbh-200 is the battery life. It SUX. If you get 1 hour of talk time out of it, you're lucky. I had to charge mine every night, if not more.
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    I want to be able to redial or to dial missed calls...
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    I just got it and works great, unfortunately there are issues with the call log retrieval. It kinda worked at first, but now it does not. I cannot initiate calls from it.
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    update please.... are you guys able to see the person calling you ? I have the number appear but not the person's name. Defeats the purpose of LCD screen .

    Leweeldridge ... i have the same problem. It works sometimes. I think it depends on the weather and what you feed it in the morning. It has it's own mood swings.
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