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    I was demo-ing PDA Defense on my 650, and since it and Picture Password(which I was also demo-ing) were interfering with each other I decided to delete both and reinstall PDA Defense. Uninstalling PDA Defense was troublesome, but I finally managed. However, Launcher X (registered) now crashes (reset) everytime I start it, and FileZ gives an error ("Error:dm:Cant Open in ItemFolder::readPalmCard() e ()") every time I open files on Internal memory. ZLauncher (demo) still works fine.

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the error or Launcher X crashes, but I also identified an odd 16kb locked file with unusual Name, Type and Creator that I could not modify or delete: □, □│ and □ respectively.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I tired PDA Defense on a Clie a couple of years ago, and uninstalling it was a nightmare. I eventually gave up, did a hard reset, and hotsynced from an older backup.
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    Delete the supporting files for LauncherX (everything but the application with a creator ID of MjXX):
    LauncherX CachedIcons
    LauncherX Database
    LauncherX ToBeDeleted

    Restore from a backup taken before your crash.

    If you make sure and have the option for App Sort in the Advanced Category Properties in LauncherX set to Alphabetical for all of your tabs, this will greatly reduce the incidence of this LX crash.

    If you can't get FileZ to load, you might instead try <a href="">Tom Catalog</a> to go and delete the suspiscious/offensive files.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I simply went ahead and hard reset, synched and both Launcher X and FileZ operate without problems now.
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    The strange undeleteable file was also gone after the hard reset...maybe it was that file that was causing the problems.

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