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    Hello all, i have seen several posts on this barod that have helped me a bunch with getting my Treo 650 up and running. However, one thing that i cant seem to get past is the poor phone call quality. I know this is an issue and it has been beaten to death, however i also read that many agree a Bluetooth headset clears up this phone issue. I purchased a Jabra BT250 Freespeak the other day from Best Buy. I got it to sync and the treo recognized it, but the phone call quality is lousy, i can barely hear people over the static and choppy chatter. The people on the other end to have issues hearing me back ground noise or just my voice cutting in and out. My main question is, what is the problem, could i have a faulty headset? Do i need to actually buy the one from the Palm Store? Is the phone faulty? Or is the Jabra BT250 just the wrong headset to be using with this device. From what i have read many have had success with this headset where am i failing?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions
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    Do you have a wireless access point? Do you have 2.4 gig wireless telephones? Was your microwave running? Do you have a pc or laptop with 2.4 gig wireless? All these items can create a lot of interference with the bluetooth headset since they are all on the 2.4 gig frequency and your headset cannot frequency hop. I don't think the one from the palm store will make much difference in terms of clarity. I'd try it where there may be less interference.
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