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    I just got informed by Sprint support, and then from PalmOne support, that "hotsync file link is not supported on the 650"

    Great! I ABSOLUTELY NEED that and it never occured to me that a Palm device that uses Palm Desktop would not have "file link" as part of it's hot sync. It's a very key feature.

    In fact it is just about the single most important reason I use Palm instead of WinCE because WinCE only syncs to Outlook and my data source has no good way of talking to Outlook.

    It's not just me but all my customers use that feature to keep their pda's updated with their unix servers main application. It is so perfect, once it's set up, all they do is hit their hotsync button. No manual importing or exporting purging or browsing for files or anything. Aside from getting the obvious contacts info for all their customers, vendors, etc... They get memos the same way, they gets categories of memos and each memo is a little summary of an open order and with that, a guy who is on-call can be at home or anywhere and receive an emergency call and he can handle most problems with the info in the pda almost as well as if he could log into the offices server. The csv files are created and overwritten periodically on the unix box and the desktops have file-link configured to read those files and it's beutiful.

    This SUCKS!

    Good thing none of my customers has a 650 yet and until this is changed or I figure out some other way of working, I'll have to make sure they don't get any 650's either since they need this. It worked fine on the 600 and everything else up to now and that'll have to do for now.

    I have had no luck finding a 3rd party app that can do it either.
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    Blame PalmSource. The version of the desktop delivered to palmOne stopped the support for file linking and it doesn't look like it will be coming back......

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