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    I can't get it to load on my desktop, because I'm behind a firewall and router and have proxy settings
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    <quote>Has anyone found a way to specify a password so you dont have to memorize this insane password they generate for you ?</quote>
    I use the program "Shortcut 5". Set up a shortcut for my password like: .7, or something- then it fills in for me. Great program..
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    I cannot log in because our work desktops automatically disconnects the computer up after being idle for a specific time. So much for a good thing. I am impressed with it though just cannot use it for work.
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    Ronbo, I think there are freeware utilities that wake the desktop after x number of minutes. That would keep your computer connected.
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    I am just amazed at the update speed and response time of this program. It is awesome !!!!!
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    Is it possible to set this up on a machine that you don't hotsync to? I sync to my laptop, so it isn't always on, but if I could set this up to a desktop that I don't sync to I would be in business.
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    Nevermind, I figured it out. If anyone else is looking to do this, there are instructions on his site to access 2 PCs.
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    Actually it looks like I would have to hotsync to the second computer, which I'm guessing would screw up my sync. Anyone know of a work around?

    Sorry for talking to myself...
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    I hot-sync on my home computer but have Win-Hand set up on both my home and office computer. When you download from Win-Hand to the computer that you do NOT hot-sync to then you'll have to transfer those files back to your computer that you DO hot-sync to so that you can then hot-sync to the Palm device; This can be done by e-mailing the files as an attachment from the one PC to the other (or you could possibly even e-mail the file directly to your Palm).
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    Has anyone messed with the Advanced Settings? There are three options there, Automatic, Asynch (faster on slow modems), and Burst (faster on fast modems). Asynch is checked by default and there's a warning about changing the setting. Would Vision be acceptable for the Burst setting? How about Automatic?
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    I just reinstalled it due to not using the program for a while and attempted to print to the home network printer and it worked. It caused Mozilla to crash, as I was surfing with Mozilla when I attempted to print a page from it. I then opened up WP12 and it printed what I typed. Not bad. Ben
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    Has anyone had any problems with disconnect? I'm on cingular and it keeps disconnecting. It's a great program though, I just hope I can get it working right.
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    Guys, I don't know if this was suggested before or not, but I suggest you uncheck "Save image." The image it saves takes up quite a bit of RAM. IIRC, it's over a meg.
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    So you basically have to install this to the computer you want to connect to, right?

    My deal:
    I have all my 650 software on my home computer. I do my hotsyncs on my home computer as well. But I want to connect to my work one. What do I do, just install this software to my work computer then hotsync the PRC files from home?
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    This sounds like the GoToMyPC program I was testing with my Siemens SX66. It worked great, but it costs $19.95 per month! So forget that, it's way too much. Does this program your talking about have a PPC counterpart?
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    I installed this morning and agree that its awesome! Super fast and convenient. There' hasn't been much talk in this thread about security for your desktop PC. Are we just opening up out computers to this software company? Do the keys that are generated protect our PCs or should I be worried?
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    That's a very good question. I just installed it and it almost seem too good to be true...

    So and I being invaded as we speak? There must be a gotcha there somewhere. Anyone know?
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    Quick question for you all: my primary HotSync machine is a Powerbook (Mac OS X) but I definitely want to use Win-Hand to access my PC. So far, I've read people talking about installing on the target PC and then copying the .prc files to one's primary HotSync machine. Can I do this (i.e., get Win-Hand installed and working) given that my Mac is my primary HotSync machine?


    [EDIT] Nevermind, just installed the PC software and HotSync'ed and all is well. Win-Hand ROCKS!
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    New version guys (5.2). Go get it.

    I'd still like to know how Automatic, Asynch (faster on slow modems), and Burst (faster on fast modems) in the advanced settings differ.
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    Just installed today and this is pretty cool. Set up my web cam to point into our living room, so I can check in and see what the dog is doing when we're out of the house!

    Doesn't work if you connect to your company's network via VPN however, as I discovered.

    Is there a function key on the keyboard menu that maps the the Windows start button? I have my task bar on my PC hidden and can't seem to figure out how to bring it up (normally on my PC I just bring my mouse down that far and it pops up.)

    Oh yeah, one other thing. If you plug your phone into the charger while winhand is on, it gives you a low battery warning, even if your battery is almost fully charged. Same if you are plugged into the charger while winhand is active and unplug it

    5 way control on the menu options doesn't appear to exist but not really a big deal there
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