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    I used Agendus for years but for some reason switched to KeySuite when I got my Treo 600. I am thinking of switching back but on reviewing many threads here I gather there are some things that Agendus really cannot do that I have gotten used to with KeySuite

    1) Can I have memos that are bigger than 4K with Agendus?
    2) How many diffrent phone numbers can I have for each contact?
    3) Can I do a two-way synch with ACT with Agendus? (I can't do this with Key Suite either but it sure would be nice!)
    4) Can I continue to use Snapper Mail and VeriChat if I switch to Agendus?

    If anyone can share your experiences with any of these issues (and others that I don't know about) I would appreciate it.


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    No to everything but SnapperMail and Verichat. Verichat doesn't integrate at all so no plus minus. Snapper can be launched from Agendus. But since Agendus uses the existing palm Datebook and Contact list databases, the field restrictions from before are inplace. What I have done to pass this is use TakePhone (great program) and it can dial from the 4 user fields in the contact list.

    No 2 way. Same built in Memo pad. KeySuite and DataViz's Beyond Contacts.

    Agendus is great, but not for you.

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    Thanks for the reply - Too bad about Agendus. Some of the new features look really good - especailly the Find Next Available Time.

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    I think are getting some bad info.

    Agendus is much improved, and IMO, much better than Key.

    To specifically answer your questions:

    1.) Yes, memos can be over 4k
    2.) 8 phone numbers, plus 4 custom fields
    3.) not sure what you mean. You can store contacts in Act! format, so you can sync that way. I think you do what you are trying do, i.e. sync between Agendus, Outlook and Act!
    4.) I use Snapper and Verichat all the fine. You can config Agendus to use Snapper as the email client.

    Given the memory issues on the 650, I would recommend Agendus, which takes less memory.

    Also, it has cool features, like weather and map lookups...pull up a contact, and press an icons and get a mapquest map or weather forecast. This can be useful. You can even save a "test" contact, and just use it for quick map lookups...nice and fast.

    The more I use Agendus, the more I realize what a great app it is.
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    If you purchase agendus well after you purchase the 650 can to merge all your current contacts on agendus, or do you have to enter them all over again.
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    You absolutely DO NOT need to re-enter any contacts.

    Agendus uses the native contacts db on the Palm (as opposed to Key and Beyond which have their own proprietary databases).

    the cool thing is that whether you add or remove Agendus, you contacts and calendar stay in their native Palm databases.

    Try it out s seriously. Take a while to go through all the may not use them all, but you will find it can make you much more productive.
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    Best thing to do is simply download Agendus. It does have a trial period, for just these reasons. To see if you like it.

    Except for a few problems, I'm overall satisfied with Agendus. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."

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