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    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend a good all-purpose image viewer that works well for viewing Chatter attachments? I like JpegWatchLite, but it only works with jpegs (not gif, bmp, tiff etc) and doesn't seem to auto-scale correctly. Every other program I've tried doesn't quite work right-- RescoViewer doesn't open the attachment, SplashPhoto and GrxView create a new copy of the file every time you open it (image.jpg, image1.jpg, image2.jpg.... what's that all about?), and Blazer just.... well.... sucks. Any ideas?

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    GrxView Pro......
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    OK, thanks, I'll try it again -- but are you finding that each time you open an attachment from Chatter, GrxView Pro makes a new copy of it (image.jpg, image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc)? Do you know of any way around that?


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