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    I've been reading the forums in search of the perfect case for my beloved 650. But until I find one, what do I do with this thing? So tired of always holding the unit or putting it in a jacket pocket, I came across an answer...
    While at WalMart (yea, I'm surprised myself) I saw a camera case that I thought would suffice until I found the ideal phone case. It was only $8, and beat the hell outta my pocket. Here's a link:

    I've been using this case for about a week and have been pleased thus far.
    What I like, is that it's slim, and stays tight to my belt. It also allows for quick access to the phone. I can easily hear the ringer or feel the vibration. It is padded on the front and back so it fully protects the screen. It has elastic sides that keeps the phone in place, but doesn't seem to squeeze it. It is also black leather, so it looks nice.

    What I don't like is that it connects to my belt with a loop, so once its on, its there for the day. (Unless I take my belt off.) I am also tired of people asking why I brought my camera to the office. Finally, since there isn't a cutout for the antenna, it sometimes causes the phone to loose signal, and beep.

    Given all the posts about cases, I thought you guys might be interested in my alternative.
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    I found a $6.99 Targus micro camera case laying around the house that fit my Treo 650 nicely. Also, my old leather swivel beltclip pouch for the Kyocera 7135 works just fine and I can even charge and hotsync the T650 with it on.

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