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    i'm currently posting this right off my visor using the modem and Proxiweb! i'm VERY impressed with this web browser for the PalmOS and i recommend it to anybody who has a modem for their visor.
    well, let's hope this posts properly!
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    I don't see this post. Maybe it didn't work.

    How does it look? I tried dl this board using isilo and it was to big, remember...

    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue....
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    Hey Hoser--it worked! Cool!
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    It worked great! It looks good too. It's not like looking at the site on a colour monitor, but everything is semi-neatly do have to scroll down past sidebar menus on other sites, but this site workes well! The "post reply" graphic is shrunken and when you click on it, a menu pops up asking if you want to goto link or cancel. Then when you get to the page where you type your message, it's really easy to follow (nicely laid out) and the Message icon selection is there! You check next to the face or icon you want. (oh ya! the faces show up in the posts too! amazing!)
    I clicked the 'Submit' button and it brought me to that intermediate page where it says 'Thank you..etc.' The automatic forwarding doesn't work but the link is there so when you click on it, you're back into the message board.

    OH! and each post title in the Thread list, fits nicely across the visor screen and it's easy to follow.

    I'm REALLY impressed and i've been wowing people at work with it.

    I love it!

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