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    I did a hard reset, then resynced the Treo with my desktop computer. Only one game application is giving me trouble since I've done the hard reset. Each time I open the Klondike game I receive an " Insufficient Memory" message that states....

    "X Klondike requires a Palm device with at least 2mb of memeory."

    Also, I've already tried doing the hard reset three additional times to see if that would possibly cure the problem and it has not.

    The phone has plenty of memory. Any suggestions or previous discussion links to the same/similar problem as mine?

    edit: Free Space 11.2 of 23.8M
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    I am also having the exact same problem - did hard reset , now whenever I try launching klondike , my treo restarts.
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    Hmmm, I just did a hard reset last week, and my Klondike works fine...
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    No problems here, wondering if it has something to do with GSM Cingular Treo 600 versus Sprint CDMA?
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    Same problem on cingular GSM. Haven't figured it out yet, so I loaded new games.

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