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    A friend of mine bought be a pair of Motorola Stereo headphones / headset as a Treo 'welcoming' gift. The plug is the standard 2.5mm connector.

    Before I open it, I was wondering if anyone has tried this model with the Treo 650?

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    Any answer to this? I was also thinking about the motorola hs120 and wasn't sure if it would work or not. It seems like it should...
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    Saw this headset at best buy yesterday ($29). Looked very slick, but not sure if it will work with the Treo 650. This would be a good option and it's pretty cheap online. Anyone know if it works with the Treo??????
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    Okay, I ended up going with the oem head phones from for 18.99. It has three black rings on the jack. I would think that if the moto head set has the same connector it would work, but I haven't actually seen it in person yet.

    Good luck.
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    I purchased the Motorola HS120 Stereo Headphones at Best Buy yesterday on clearance for $4.95. They do *not* work in stereo with my Treo 650. I tried it on my Sanyo MM-7400 and had decent stereo sound. Unfortunately, I want a set of headphones that will work on my Treo without an adapter.
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    Motorola headsets do not work as Motorola uses a different scheme for their 2.5 mm adapters.

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