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    I've been trying to narrow down all the available Data Base programs and am about to have a brain cramp. All I want is ONE program that I can generate databases on my PC and can read/modify them on the Visor. Freeware/Shareware are preferred, but I don't mind paying a reasonable price for a quality product.

    What are your experiences with the different DB utilities out there and what would you recommend? Are they cross-compatable?

    Thanks for the help

    My "Blue" is gaining experience....
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    I've tried several, and I keep coming back to HanDBase. I carry a significant amount of data in my Visor (my CD collection [900+ entries], Starbucks locations, NPR stations, you know, the important stuff ), and occasionally, I'll want to edit a database on my PC, though rarely. Translating a HanDBase database to a comma-separated-values file and importing into Access (or other DB/spreadsheet programs) is pretty simple, and I just saw a new app on PalmGear (in the last few hours) that further simplifies translation to Access. I'll post a mini-review once I've tried it out.
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    Thanks...I'll be anxious to see your review.
    I pretty much narrowed it down to HanDBase, MobileDB and ThinkDB but I havn't used them so I can't draw a conclusion. Thought it would much smarter to get others opinions and make one final choice from the get-go.

    My "Blue" is gaining experience....
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    I'm a palm database newbie. Does HanDBase have the ability to save files in the .dba format? If not, how is this done?

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