I've got Versamail connected to my Gmail account; it's not that hard once you get the right GMail FAQ and make one or two small translations for the Versamail configuration.

I can send mail via smtp.gmail.com
If I send myself mail and check it I can retrieve mail ...

... but if mail sits on the server for any length of time, Versamail acts like it doesn't exist. At least I *think* this is the scenario. It's frustrating ... cause when I test, it works, but as soon as I finish testing, I never pull down any messages. I haven't quite figured out the lag time yet.

At first I thought this may be a "threading" issue, but if I retrieve mail within, oh, five minutes after sending it I can get "threaded" messages on gmail as independent messages in VersaMail.

I've searched this forum and many, many others, but there's such a volume of "How do I configure GMail" and "Versamail soft resets" that I cannot find anything specific to this issue.

Has anyone else seen this?

I will be looking at SnappeMail tonight, but I was hoping to get a handle on the problem ... and make sure that it's not a gmail thing.