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    Anyone know what file "AFSFXFix" is for? The creator ID is ASFX. I installed the free Handango app Blackjack PLS along with AppForge and my phone went nuts. I uninstalled it, deleted all the "Ingot" garbage it left, but then I saw this file. I don't remember it being there from before but maybe it's not related to AppForge?
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    Don't know but that BlackJack PLS effed my phone up too. It caused a reset loop and I had to hard reset. You have to read the install instructions and install their "Common Run Time Files" first, and then install the app. I'm not too happy with it right now. It also installed something called AFCore-pCom (403k) with a different creator (pCom) that is not the game. Maybe this is the Run time thing? The AFSFXFix is definitely part of the BJ PLS crap though.
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    I uninstalled that crap. It still left remnents all over the place. And the Run Time that they supposedly require put some app called Booster (600+k) on my phone. Booster included the AFCore-pCom and AFSFXFix files. And the game wasn't even very good. Bad graphics and slow response.
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    Yeah I uninstalled everything but the AFSFXFix, but my phone still craps out (the screen blanks and I can't do anything--maybe this is the reset loop I've heard about?). I'm going to try deleting that file and see if the problem goes away. I think I'm pretty much staying away from AppForge from now on.

    I do recommend BlackJack PLS if you ahve a gambling'll be so fed up with it you'll quit gambling.
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    No, the reset loop causes your phone to reset and just when it gets to the grey Palm Powered screen, it goes back to the white PalmOne screen with the status bar moving across the bottom. And it does this over and over and over until you hard reset. There is no way to get out of it. I'm shocked this has never happened to you. Maybe I have a lemon.
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    Yeah never happened to me. But my phone was screwed up nonetheless by AppForge. FYI once I removed "AFSFXFix" from my handheld all my problems disappeared. Basically I had to hard reset, then deleted ASFXFix from my backup directory, then resynced my Treo.
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    I agree that the game sure ain't worth the amount of junk it installs. The instructions to uninstall the run time says to remove the ingot files and booster, but if you watch it install, it drops a boatload more stuff than that. I was suspicious of the ease of uninstall, having to install a runtime file set so I did a full backup before I installed it. I'm glad I did, and restoring my Treo is how I uninstalled it. It didn't hose my Treo at all, I was just not very happy with the game, and didn;t want to keep it.
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    What are these ingot files I keep hearing about? Are these from BJ PLS? I wasn't as lucky as you rob, and installed all this crap on my phone. I used Uninstall to get rid of it, but still found leftover files, but no ingot...
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    The ingot files are created by AppForge I think. If you are using Filez, don't look for files called IngotBlahBlah.prc. They are files like "BlahBlahIngot.prc". For instance I think there is a MultimediaIngot.prc.

    Rob--yeah I should have done that, but I didn't know what I was getting into before I installed it. Oh well. Phone seems back to normal once I purged the AFSFXFix file from my phone.
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    The FAQ at L3 says this for uninstalling the Booster Run Time:

    "How do I delete Booster from my Palm?
    To remove Booster from a Palm device, you will need to delete the following:


    All of the Ingot files are optional, so they may not exist on your device."

    You will notice that AFSFXFix isn't on the list ... The letters in caps after the dash are the creator IDs for the various modules, which I think is really BAD to not have all of that crap with a common creator ID so that we could at least locate it with Filez. Never again will L3Solutions earn a place on my Treo.

    BTW, a decent (free) Black Jack app that runs happily from the SD card or main memory can be found at: It is by Rick Whitt (the developer of the excellent Directory Assistant program for palm, also free at the same location).

    If ya like the apps (and I can't imagine not liking Directory Assistant), toss Rick a Paypal donation from his web site. Support GOOD developers!
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