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    I'm on my 2nd 650 (Sprint).

    This replacement unit was new out of the box. Everything works fine except, the volume on the headphone jack is so gained up that my headset and stereo headphones start distorting before the volume fade is at 1/4 from zero.

    The loudspeaker volume seems fine. but any sound out of the headphone jack is extremely loud.

    Is my Treo650 wired poorly or do all of these units do this.

    Thanks for the responses,

    Fox W
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    while I did notice that the output is hotter, mine sounds fine, both ear and speaker. Could if be the headset?
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    btw, the hot sensation you experience on your ear is not all, only partially, due to phones or headsets. Device rubbing against your ear also generates heat.

    hmmm. Great if you live in Chicago and foget your era muffs.

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