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    I bought a Sprint 650 the other day. So far just about every phone call I've made has had the other person comment that my voice is breaking up a lot and I'm hard to understand. This occurs no matter what the signal strength (both at 1 bar and at 4 bars).

    I took the phone back to Sprint and they told me it's because I had 'old applications' installed in the Palm side of things that were causing problems. I deleted the 'old apps' and still have the same issue. This sounds like the typical Sprint blaming everything but the real issue to me.

    I've heard of other people having voice quality issues, but don't know enough about them to say for sure what the problem is. Do I need to get the phone replaced? I trust Sprint about as much as I trust Oprah babysitting a gallon of Hagen Daaz for me...

    Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Do a hard reset of the device, if you want to, and then see if the problem goes away. Then you can prove to Sprint that it's not your "old" apps. It sounds like a bum unit to me.


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