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    I've about had it with Palmone's overpriced and officially undersupported piece of )($#*$)(*)#($*. If it were'nt for Treocentral and shadowmite, I would have already returned this to Palmone for a less buggy next version.

    No other threads in this forum addressed this issue. Don't know if it is related, but I installed the universal keyboard add-on from palmone last night. Today, Versamail (VM) crashes T650 every time I try to start it.
    Other mods: A few weeks ago I installed shadowmite's ROM hack for DUN, microphone fix and no realplayer or tutorial, but with VM.
    I have 1M free space in Ram, and have tried a hard reset already, to no avail.

    I have a thread earlier that no one has answered regarding VM not properly connecting to Gmail or ISP Cox servers, a check DNS settings message. Would'nt mind an answer on that either.

    Other gripe: Even before this latest nonsense, the T650 reset itself every few days at least.

    My treo 300 email was more reliable than this.

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    Not that it helps but I remember my 300 resetting itself quite a bit when it first came out. Manufacturers are put in such a rush to get the product out that nothing is ever ready for release any more when it first hits the shelves. We are partly to blame for this because we're buying them as fast as they can make them. A software patch I'm sure will take care of a lot of issues but as for VersaMail, it just flat out sucks. Save yourself some aggrevation and get SnapperMail. It works great.

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    I completely agree with Razorpit.......

    PS. I use Versamail to connect to my work Exchange server and it works great.... Perhaps a different app is interfering with your VM
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    Here is SailRace's solution from other reset thread in this forum and it works. Thanks SailRace!!! Guess I won't smash my T650 on the floor...yet

    "You need to delete all of the MMIDCache files (I believe there are 8 of them, numbered 0-7)
    Multimail Disconnect
    MultiMail Attachments
    MultiMail Messages

    Delete these from your backup folder as well.

    From some reading I did, it appears that the corruption is caused by something in the Hotsync conduit, so the best thing to do (what i did to eliminate it from happening again) is to change the hotsync settings to ignore versamail, and do nothing when connected. That way Versamail will only sync with your online folder, not through your backup."

    PS: it makes sense that it would be a corruption in the Hotsync conduit b/c my problems started after a hotsync

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