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    A co-worker of mine is interested in a Visor, but he also needs a graphing calculator for school, and can't afford both. Does anyone know if there is anything out there for this?

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    I have been searching all over the web for a calculator that has the same functionality as a TI calculator. It seems like it shouldn't be a problem to write one because the Palm has so much more memory and processing power, but I haven't found anything suitable yet. I would pay good money for a TI springboard or something to that effect. The HGraph program is a piece of junk. It graphs equations all right, but you cannot find intersection points, zeros, or anything else of interest to a math student. I emailed them to ask if there was a way to do it or if they were planning to implement it and they replied "just touch the screen where they look like they intersect." That is unacceptable. If HGraph had TI functionality, I would plunk down my money in an instant, but it doesn't. The calculator I have seen with the most potential is CplxCalPro (see The author upgrades constantly and is willing to listen to user input. He has begun to implement graphing capabilities, so I hope that he continues to upgrade. The best thing is that if you write a decent program for it, you get the registration code for free!! Well that is more than my two cents, but I hope someone else has found a decent calculator and will keep this thread alive.
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    Thanks a lot for the tip on CplxCalPro.
    I'd been looking for a good programmable,
    graphical calculator for a long time and
    then finally gave up.
    CplxCalPro is the best I have seen and
    it looks like the author is dedicated to
    improving it. It is still a work in
    progress, but even as it is, it is more
    useful to me than Mathpad, RPNpopup, and

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