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    new 650 owner, w00h00!

    i've searched, but to no avail...

    supose you get a new phone call, caller id is avail, from your buddy who is on your contact list already, but he is calling from his work.

    his work number is not in your contact list, so when you hang up the 650 dutifully asks if you'd like to add this 'new' contact to your list.

    you say 'yes' and you are presented w/ a screen to add a 'new' contact...

    is there a way to add that phone nubmer to an existing contact rather than a 'new' contact? for the life of me i cannot see how...

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    great question i have wondered that also
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    Ditto........there was a thread a while back, think the answer was no. Most ppl just copy the number then paste it into the old contact.
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    The only way i know how is if you go to your Call Logs, highlight that particular call and click on Details. You will have the option to Copy Phone #. Then go back to your contacts list, look for your buddys name, do an Edit and Paste the number into any of the fields. ie work, mobile, home, etc.
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    The feature would be best if you could add numbers to an existing contact but unless it is a hidden feature it is not possible.
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    yeah i have often wanted that feature too. also from sms and web pages too.
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    I think this is the sole feature I TRULY miss from all my years of Sanyo and Samsung cell phones... You could add it to an existing and even tell it what kind of number it is (work, Home, Mobile, etc.) Even when adding as a brand new contact mine defaults to the Work field which I hate cause I always have to copy and paste it over... Sounds lazy but when you are trying to save a number quickly speed and ease is of the essence!

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