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    Anyone have any alternatives to Autoslate since it is on the "red List" . Is anyone using Autoslate and having no problems?
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    Teal Auto is the best replacement I've found thus far, although I'm not completely happy...doesn't support the 5-way and keyboards quite as smoothly as I'd like. Let me know if you find one that works better!
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    I'm also looking for a new Auto expense tracking application. I've been using Mobile AutoLog v1.2 since middle of '99 and from time-to-time, have tried using other applications, but always seemed to bounce back to AutoLog for its ease of use (others seemed clunky to use, and wound up taking longer to enter in the data than it did to fill up my tank of gas).

    Not really looking for something necessarily that tracks trips also, as I already use Trip Deluxe v3.01 and that gets the job done very effeciently for that, and would be surprised if something else is more capable.

    Amazingly this AutoLog has worked on all 5 of the Palm PDA's that I've used over the last 5+ years. Maybe I should stick to the old say ... "If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it" ... although I'm always open to suggestions.
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