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    I myself have no Programming experience. I would love to learn some stuff. Back in the early days of palm it was easy to find free software to load on your palm device. Clarence is absolutely correct some of the software that I would find useful is overpriced. I understand everyone has to make a living. Coming from a linux community I can see the great value in open source. So again I say I would love to have the skills to get what I need for my Treo without going broke.
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    Build Systems, Not Products
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    Oh thank heaven! Finally, people who want to learn together and do something! Count me in! See my moved threat about a team approach to wifi. Let's combine. How about we fix the wifi drivers and then do a walkie talkie that uses wifi? Much better range than bluetooth.
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    I would love to see a open source PGP - Pretty Good Privacy implementation for the Treo650...however I have no palm programming skills, this would be beneficial for encrypting sensitive e-mails as well as other data on the Treo.

    **PGP does make PGP Mobile for the Palm but it doesnt work well if at all on the 650...I e-mailed them about it and they have no plans to make a new version.
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