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    I hope you can help me finding software for my Treo 600 GSM that:

    - can convert the call log into a database
    - can total the length of the calls I made to certain numbers in a certain period
    - can convert this into what these calls cost me
    - inside a user interface designed for this purpose
    - with an output in plain text

    I am involved in some pointless legal battle and would like to keep track of how much I waste on phonecalls, both time and moneywise. I can easily group together a dozen of phonenumbers involved which I can feed to that application.

    While at it, it would also be great to see how much calls I make for my employer. Same situation, I can easily group together a dozen of numbers related to my work.

    Is there any such software?

    I know that I can also spend a few evenings myself Googling for such software, trying demos, reading reviews, hacking something together that might work or not. But it would be easier to ask for your experience in this field.

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    The only thing I've found similar to this is Comet. I use Keycontacts for my contacts, however, and I find it doesn't really integrate as well as I would like:

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