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    My Treo 180 (now used by my wife) has a very short battery duration....and she does not chat much....just leaving it "on to recieve calls most of the time. Now I know that the 180's didn't have too much power to begin with and that signal strength has allot to do with it, but is there a way to replace an old battery or to add additional add-on power to this thing?

    btw, whe caries it in her purse and is not that concerned about sleek and stylish for what it is worth. Any ideas?

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    lots of battery replacements on ebay - cheap too. you'll double your battery life...
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    It's just 4 screws.... just be careful of the slider switch and the little metal bar for a tether.
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    that slider switch snapped off the last time i opened the dang thing. now i have to set my ringer on / off via options. i almost trashed my treo at that point but it's still workable, just a hassle when you need to turn the ringer off quick, your only choice is to turn it off.

    so do be careful with that switch!
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    Will a Treo 270 battery fit the 180?
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    Read my post before you decide to replace your own.
    And, NO. standard Treo270 battery will NOT fit in Treo180.
    My Treo180 is now working almost twice the time. :-)

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