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    must i forward mail to to pick it up with the treo, or can i log onto a different POP server and pull it out of there? and, if the latter is possible, are there any tricks?
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    Hey bittman, maybe you don't own a Treo yet. Short answer. No you don't have to forward to sprint. You pick up email out of the a pop account just like on your computer.
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    thanks - what is the long answer? (if you don't mind) - does my 'mail service' remain sprintpcs? this is a small domain, not an isp - and, yes, i have a 650 and, yes, versamail/sprintpcs is driving me nuts - and i'm looking for an alternative. mb
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    There are several threads about this type of topic, if you do a bit of research. Versamail is quirky, I use Snapper, it's a bit expensive but trouble free if you want a good robust product.

    set your incoming mail server to be:
    pop.(your isp) i.e. mine is
    this get mail.

    the trick is sending.
    you need to use

    this link should help.

    this is the snapper site but works similar for versamail. Where it says to use make sure you use your isp instead.

    Hope this helps.
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    I suggest you get a gmail account and auto forward all your email to there. It's amazing at sorting spam. and you can get it to forward you a notification straight to your treo (via SMS).
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    bittman, how you making out? figure it out?
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    I have figured out how to get notification from my regular server via SMA (just forward to and the spam isn't much of an issue - somewhere along the line it's getting filtered. What's an issue is getting versamail to behave as well as the old e-mail program did. I get a lot of e-mail and whenever there are more than five messages, one it 'too big' - or there's an 'error retrieving message' or whatever. So at the moment - I'm sick of dealing with it - I'm just looking at the SMSs, then retrieving headers (which works) and then going back and picking up the ones that matter (which, of course, are very few!). But this is a nuisance.
    i know i could go to snappermail, but people on this forum complain about that too, and it seems Sprint/P1 should be able to provide me with something that works. And, naively, I believe that eventually they'll work this out. Meanwhile, i will plug away, and thank you taointn and blademonkey for help and advice.
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    I use an e-mail host that uses username and password SMTP authentication to I don't have to go through Sprint's SMTP server. That makes things a bit easier. Since I got my 650 I've been using Versamail because the version of Snapper I have has been way too buggy. I think I might upgrade Snapper though because I loved the way it worked on my 600.
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    why would you need an upgrade, it works fine on the 650 as it is.

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