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    I apoligize for my description... I have searched and can't figure out a way to phrase it any better. I live in NYC. I ride the train. sometimes I come out of the subway station and my phone instantly finds a signal... sometimes it doesn't... I currently have to shut down the radio/phone and restart it... this takes nearly 10 seconds of annoying waiting and button holding... is there a way to tell the phone to 'try now'... it seems to have gotten sick of looking for a signal and simply doesn't check anymore.

    this was true on my treo600 as well. Very annoying
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    Try placing a call (voicemail, etc). That usually forces my hone to find a signal real quick. Besides, the signal bars aren't highly accurate anyhow...
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    I seem to remember that dialing 18, *18 or such on Sprint makes the phone select the strongest signal.
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    Attempting to make any call forces the phone to lock onto the strongest voice channel it can find. Try *2 <send>, it's free and Sprint will love you.
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    actually, if this is true it isn't working... the reason I typically notice is exactly *because* I am trying to make a call... I get that "no signal, do you want to retry" and i hit yes and before it has time to do anything it sayd "no signal, do you want to try retry"

    I'll try the *18 thing, but I know that attempting to make a call does NOT prompt this thing to wake up... same was true on my 600...
    this is not an accident, this is art.
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    *18 and #18 are not valid codes on Sprint PCS. They did nothing to signal strength when I used them; only an audio error message

    Time for Sprint techies to speak out.
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    I called Sprint toay and told them my problem and their answer was "cycle the power" which was my original solution and the thing that bugged me. I have since discoverd *I think* that the debug code ##debug (##33284) forces reaquisition. but it is nearly as much of a PIA as cycling the power. I'd love an ICON that I click to re-invigorate the signal search.

    SIDE NOTE: the tech guy was able to convince me to add the $5 for 50% no charge roaming so for the first time in 5 years my cell phone is set to allow raoming. He told me that i'd get signal in places I couldn't before but that VISION "may not, usually doesn't" work while roaming. This is NYC so when I raom digitally I am on a Verizon tower, if VISION doesn't work while roaming then I don't want to roam!!!
    this is not an accident, this is art.

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