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    Stephen King
    Riding the Bullet
    Scribner/Phil Trum Press
    218 "pages"

    It's been some time since I bought a Stephen King book, and I figured that this would be a good opportunity to get one, with the debut of 'Riding the Bullet', which is the first King book to be available only in electronic form. You can get it through Peanut Press for about $3, along with the free Peanut Press document reader. Other distributers are giving the book away for free, if you want to read it on your PC or Macintosh.

    The book is very short - more of a short story or novella, than a full-length novel. The story is ... um ... not particularly original. I was rather disappointed, having come to expect great things from King, particularly in his short stories. In books like 'The Bachman Books', King shines in the short format, but this was rather lack-lustre.

    I suppose that for some folks, the newness of reading a book on the Palm OS might compensate for the book itself, but I've been reading Dickens books on my Visor since October - I think I've probably read more Dickens on my visor than on paper - and there's no novelty to it anymore.

    It was interesting to me how the news media spun this story, as though it was the first book ever to be available in electronic format. And the fact that they focused on the clunky one-purposed ebook device, rather than on devices that really matter, like the Visor.

    Anyways, I don't mean to discourage you from buying it. It's certainly worth $3, and King at his worst is still pretty good. Just don't expect the intensity that you're used to from other King shorts.

    Peanut Press -
    Stephen King -
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    Thank you for the excellent well organized and well thought-out review!

    By the way, the free downloads were only available the first day.
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    There was one Today Show interview that focused on reading the King novella, not only on Palm, but showed the Visor itself.


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    Excuse a newbie (at least in this area) question. How do you read ebooks? What software is needed to do so and where can it be obtained? Where can the books be obtained? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    SherylKing - Check out for ebooks to buy (I believe the reader is free!). There is also a free site that allows you to download ebooks that can be read with software such as "cspotrun" (free at, but unfortunately I can't remember the url off the top of my head. I know the link's around here somewhere!!

    Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction - I've been reading Journey to the Center of the Earth on my BVD and also found some law reference material I can use in school!
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    Originally posted by SherylKing:
    Excuse a newbie (at least in this area) question. How do you read ebooks?
    There are no stupid questions.

    There are two types of EBooks.
    [1] Free
    You will need a document reader, such as CSpotRun (which is free) or TealDoc (which is not free). There is a review of various doc readers at
    Document readers are available at
    After you have your document reader, go to to get free books. Keep in mind that you are only going to find old public domain stuff, like the classics.

    [2] Not Free
    Get your credit card handy and go to
    They have a nice assortment of current novels, for prices ranging from $2 to $7.
    You purchase the novel online, and it is then available for downloading. It comes with the PeanutReader program.
    You do have to type in the supplied password to unlock the novel.

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    It depends on the format. Some are available as DOC files, in which case you can just use your favorite DOC reader.

    The more popular (in my mind) alternative is They sell books from $2.50 up to about $12 for the latest King "Hearts in Atlantis". Peanut uses it's own proprietarty reader which lets you bookmark, etc. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you change the orientation to landscape which makes reading much easier.

    There is also an, but I don't know if they are up and running as yet.
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    A great source for free e-books is MemoWare at:

    Most e-books from that site can be read with the numerous doc readers available like CSpotRun, AportisDoc, etc.

    The free Peanut Reader that comes with the download of RIDING THE BULLET is an OK reader but I assume will only work with the PeanutPress downloads?
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    Hi All,
    I really like the Stephen King
    "Riding The Bullet" eBook.
    I got it on my Handspring Visor.

    This one I give a Thumbs Up, and
    I don't mean I need a ride :-).

    Byron Collins

    Byron's Emporium - Cool GEOS/Palm OS eBooks

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    Heh, being on both the Handspring and Palm ListServs and this board lets me see Byron's post a third time!

    If anyone is interested, will give you a $10 gift certificate at their site if you follow their refferal link to Peanut Press and buy Riding The Bullet for $2.50. Kinda like making money...

    -Matthew Nichols

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