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    I am familiar with few bluetooth GPS packages for Treo 650 but want to buy the best for the money.

    Which one you think works best with Treo 650 and is available today?

    Please post your experience.

    TomTom ?
    Blue Logger Delorme?
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    Speaking from experience I don't think you will enjoy GPS on a PDA screen, especially a 2.5 inch screen like the T650. My Garmin IQue3600 has 3.9 inch screen and I still went out and bought an all-in-one 5 inch screen GPS navigation for better viewing and ease of use.
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    I'm with you Tony, not saying its not do-able, but a 2" screen is pretty small. I have a Garmin that i plug into a Toshiba e750 Pocket PC, and even with its 4" screen, its about as small as I want to go. And if no one is with me, I'll use my laptop in the car.

    Of course this doesn't answer lghitis question. (sorry) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    From the answers i see, is not even worth it to get one of those GPS packages for the Treo650 which is only $150 or $200 compared to $600 to $900 for a Good GPS device.
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    Well, like I said, it is do-able. And I'm not really trying to sway you one way or the other, all I can do is relay may experience. I personally wouldn't use my Treo to do that. However there are people that use this combo perfectly fine.

    I prefer a bit larger screen though. And don't forget to factor in the cost of an SD card (if you haven't done so already.) Maps can take a lot of space, especially if you're driving a long distance. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Actually, TomTom and its 3D graphics on the Treo 650's screen is fantastic. A lot of folks are very satisfied.
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    I use Mapopolis on my Tungsten and, for the past few weeks, on a Treo 650, and it works great. True, the screen is smaller than on a typical standalone GPS like the Garmin devices, but it's fine for me for in-car navigation, and even better while walking about town (the latter would be tricky while lugging around a TomTom Go or a Garmin). Since you're getting a Treo anyways, you can download a trial of Mapopolis and give it a whirl before you decide. Make sure you get the Treo 650 patch from Mapopolis to fix the display - send a note to
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    So...NOBODY likes gps on the treo, huh? That's hard to believe for only $200 more. I can't consider it now because I'm spent on enough accessories, programs, etc. right now. I doubt I'd buy the gps unless it was a bluetooth for $50 or less at a flea market or a garage sale, 'cause I really wouldn't need it. If I drive long distances i get directions on my Treo. Otherwise, I know my way around my hometown. So, it's barely worth that $50 to me....maybe something to measure the altitude if I go hiking mountains in New Hampshire with my friend...and brag that my phone can do and his can't. Peace out, guys.
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    Hmm...I posted that a little late.
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    Yes, there are many choices out there. You may like something.

    If the T650 had a VGA out port I'd be the first to use Mapopolis or TomTom and would not have bought an $800 GPS navigation for my car. Screen size matters a great deal to me in automotive electronics coz I don't wanna use my reading glasses
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    Acura TL = 7" Screen + BT which can hook up to the treo now!
    So, techinically, the Acura TL GPS system is great when used in conjunction w/ the Treo 650. Especially when you look up some restaurant, press the send button, and the phone dials in so you can make a reservation

    BTW, bragging is fun
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    While I agree with most folks that the screen is bit small, from usability perspective, it works great!

    I used DeLorme Blue Logger (BT) GPS receiver and their Street Atlas USA 2005 (~$150 combined) on a recent holiday vacation (drove from SoCal to Durango CO and back via Sedona AZ). It is not 3-D and, for me, thats just fine becuase I rather deal with actual 2-D map images. Also, it gives time-to, distance-to turn and so on. There is a voice direction but I cannot get it loud enough to hear it over the road noise very well.

    Since you can zoom in or zoom out to meet your needs, it was a great solution for my needs even though the screen is bit small.

    From value point of view, I passed on 2x$1500 or so cost on my vehicles for the built in nav system for a handheld device that I can take it to any vehicle. Since I do fair amount of travel for business, this solution is very handy, especially finding a hotel in a strange place at night, after spending all day flying across the country, in a rental car....
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    I''m looking at this one with my pc. do you like the provided map software?
    Any problems with accuracy?
    Any complaints at all?
    thanks in advance
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    Two comments. First, on the GPS, I actually prefer the wired GPS to the bluetooth when, since people have reported they can't both take calls over the bluetooth headset and use the bluetooth GPS at the same time. Besides, the wired one recharges the phone and powers the GPS at the same time. Unfortunately, the cables for the Treo 650 aren't out yet, but are supposed to be in a few weeks (according to

    On Treo GPS vs. standalone, I love the Treo GPS. I always have it with me, and don't have to pack another gadget. The screen is fine for simple directions on trips (I don't need it around home, I already know how to get around day to day) and has saved me more than once. Just great for the price.

    I currently have Mapopolis, but tried the pre-release version of Tom Tom recently at a trade show and am ready to upgrade the instant it comes out. It's fantastic and fixes every single annoyance I had with Mapopolis (having to know the county something was in to get a map to it, providing simple interface for rerouting or getting info about points along the way, etc.). I'd go with Tom Tom.
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    Don't forget the 1gb SD card for the maps, depending on how wide an area you need to cover. I store all of California and a few major cities in the US on a 512 mb SD. I imagin the complete US map will use up 2 gb if not more.

    My Lowrance iWay 500C GPS has a 20 gb hard disk: uses a 10 GB for GPS navigation software and maps. The other 10 GB I use for MP3 music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiselmonkey99
    I''m looking at this one with my pc. do you like the provided map software?
    Any problems with accuracy?
    Any complaints at all?
    thanks in advance
    I bought the bundled Palm Handheld (HH) and laptop software suite (~$180 w/GPS, less if you only need a laptop version). Bit redundant but I wanted to be able to use it on a laptop as well as 650. The bt works just fine with the laptop running Windows2000 professional - I'm sure it will easier on XP.

    The map software is very accurate for my area - its up to date with all the new housing development and roads. One nice feature for the 650 is that I can select detailed street map or regional map (read smaller Mb) to be stored on my 650. If you are using a laptop, this is not an issue.

    DeLorme also has a wired GPS receiver that works with the same way for less money and its smaller than bt version. Couple of folks I work with recommended me to this unit, based on their own experience. One in particular has Garmin and Tremble portable units as well as PLGR (portable, lightweight GPS Receiver - designed and built by Rockwell Collins for the military) and said that DeLorme was the best unit for the money!

    One of the comment on this thread was the size of map on SD card. I have the detailed street map with points of interests loaded for LA-Orange and San Diego County and its about 40Mb for roughly enough streets to house 20million people. Other major cities/regions that I've loaded and deleted - because I was using for travel details - are ususally few Mbs each. I keep the maps on my laptop and load it to the SD card as I need them.

    Hope this helps...
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    Tomtom Navigator 2004 & BT GPS ROCK!! ...I wish they made the GPS black though match my dash
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    The de facto standard is Tomtom 2004. Although having used Tomtom 2 for pocket pc's, the 2004 version has actually been dumbed down. There are less customizable options in the 2004 version. It's weird . But for palm, it's either Tomtom or Mapopolis, I think. There is also Navman, but that is somewhat obscure for palms.

    The pocket pc camp has many choices, but I think Tomtom is eating up the market quick.

    The tomtom2004 software is at least as good and as thorough as any luxury car's gps.
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    anybody has used the delorme blue logger bluetooth device?
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    any one able to do the following with their palm treo yet?

    -play music from pocket-tunes.
    -use the gps via bluetooth
    -take phone calls (i dont care if the other two things stop, i just want to make sure i can take the call)


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