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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis
    anybody has used the delorme blue logger bluetooth device?
    Posted two notes (above) on this thread regarding this unit....

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    Ty mgkg3. Did not noticed the first post. The loudness does not have a fix?
    Is it possible to maybe with a car kit have a louder sound?
    Otherwise you think is good enough compare to the car gps models?
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    Sorry, I have no idea if there is a fix for the volume. I have not cared enough to find out (its easier for me to glance the LCD and pickup the turn point and anticipate it than to listen for the direction).

    As for working with car kit, keep in mind that so far I have found that Treo can only connect to a single bt device at a time, not sure. My guess is that it will not work if it is a bt-based kit. Other solution is to get an audio out option (e.g., phone ear piece, wireless FM-based or casette-based) via audio jack of T650.

    Otherwise, I do think it is pretty good. Since I've never owned a car GPS models (just can't see paying soooo much, when there are significantly lower cost options) I can only give you my take based on what I have seen in stores.

    Folks on the forum also seem pretty high on TomTom so for few dollars more, you may find exactly what you are looking for there. For me, TomTom has features that I'd never use (3-d image of a map) and felt it was 40% more cost for what I needed.

    Hope this helps....
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    Thanks mgkg3.
    Delorme seems less expensive ($145)than the other options like Tom Tom or others ($290).
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