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    I just received the Krusell S-wide tonight. This is the case that Krusell says is for the 650 on their website. Reasons I got this case are:

    -Belt loops through the case, keeping it close to body
    -Phone and screen protected. My old 600 screen was damaged last year with the formfit (clear plastic) case.

    Quick thoughts after two hours use:

    -High quality case
    -Phone very well protected
    -Case is nice and close to my body, doesn't feel like it's hanging out there!
    -Putting treo in the case is a snug fit, almost too snug. Hopefully this will loosen up.

    I almost waited for the krusell classic formfit, but I'm still concerned about protecting the screen while the phone is on my hip.

    Some pictures. Excuse the photographer's skill, they're all self portraits

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    Very, very nice. Does it go in/out of the case easily? I like that it can't work its way off the belt. I just ordered an i-volution..looks stupendous, but so does yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 650now
    Very, very nice. Does it go in/out of the case easily? I like that it can't work its way off the belt. I just ordered an i-volution..looks stupendous, but so does yours.
    That's the one negative so far, that it seems like a tight fit in the case. Of course, I've only put it in and out of the case about 5 times. We'll see if it loosens up in a week or so.
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    Bet it will loosen up. Keep us informed. I'm always on the look out for the next "perfect" case!
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    I noticed you're using eGrips strips on the Treo. That would probably contribute to its being snug.

    How much was the case? It looks classy. I like it.
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    Can a clip be used with it?
    Can you provide a link to where you bought it? Can't find it on their site.
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    Price was $25 including shipping. Very high quality. It looks classy.

    As to a clip, the case has three ways to attach. The first, as shown in my photos, is to run a belt through the case for the phone to be vertical. The second is to run a belt through the other slot, which allows you to carry the phone horizontally. The third is a variation of the traditional clicking belt clip, which is included with the phone. I chose not to use it, as belt clips tend to push the phone out away from the body. The Krusell website link has photos showing these options.

    The egrips are making things snug, but the second day has been easier to get the phone in and out.

    I bought it from J & R. The Krusell product number is 94178.

    Here's a link for the case on Krusell's website: Krusell case

    Here's the J & R link to purchase. You might be able to find it cheaper, but I thought $20 plus shipping was reasonable. J & R Krusell S Wide

    I previously bought the formfit case and 650 charger here on Treocentral, and would have bought the Krusell case if it were available here.

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    What kind of closure is on the flap? I have a Covertec horizontal with a magnetic closure that is really good. I am leary of a snap closure that could put pressure on the screen.
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    Magnetic closure. No pressure on the screen.

    Now that I've had it for a few weeks, a few thoughts:

    I added the real 650 egrips, and although it was a very snug fit at the beginning, I can get the phone in and out with little problem now.

    The only part of the case that is not specific to the 650 is the bottom of the case. There are three holes in the bottom of the case, one on each end, and a center hole for power chargers, etc. that don't line up exactly with the treo. However, I don't charge the treo in its case, as the case is looped through my belt.

    I still am very happy with this case and egrips combo compared to the treo formfit case. Maybe I will buy another case in the future, but I like this case a lot.
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    Does one of the bottom holes line up with the headset jack? I often use my Seidio 2-in-1 headset when walking and would prefer to leave the Treo in the case.
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    The headset jack hole does not line up as I view it, but there appears to be enough wiggle room that you could still use it with the headset. I'll try to take a picture in the next day or so.
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    To drag this thread up from the past:

    I'm pretty sold on this case. It looks like one of the most fashionable and functional cases I've seen thus far.

    I'm just wondering if the multidapt clippy-thingie is obtrusive when you're using the belt-loops. I usually wear a belt so I'm not planning on ordering a clip for it just yet. I like the option though. And the option to wear it horizontally. I'm wondering if it digs into your side at all or if you can even feel it when your belt it cinched up tight.
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    The multidapt that's part of the case is very low profile. I cannot feel it when I loop my belt and snug the case against my side. I don't use the clip-to-your-belt option, as it leaves the phone hanging too far out there.
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    I am torn between this case and the horizontec. This case seems to offer more protection then the horizontec. I usually wear my phones horizontally. How is this case, when worn horizontally?



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    Ok, a few pictures to follow. First, here's the phone worn horizontally. I don't wear it this way, but it actually was comfortable, and the phone feels safe in this case, as the elastic sides hold the phone in place. I might wear it like this sometime.
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    Hey! Your shirt matches your couch.

    You're one very put-together dude.
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    Now a shot of the back of the case. You can see the horizontal and vertical slots to run your belt through, plus you can see the very small profile of the multidapt.

    I've also included a side by side shot of the case and the phone with egrips. Not a problem to get the phone in and out anymore.
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    Now a few shots for zvandiver. The headphone jack goes in fine, as you'll see in the first photo. However, I took a close up of the bottom of the case with the headphone jack in the phone. As nice as this case is, this is where the "one size fits all" ugliness comes in. If you need pretty on the bottom of the case, this one's not for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoIsTheFly
    Hey! Your shirt matches your couch.

    You're one very put-together dude.
    I tried hard to make sure there wasn't anything in the background that would be distracting. Good thing I didn't take the picture sitting in the chair!
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