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    I keep losing system sounds when I plug in then unplug a headset or plug in to my car stereo via the mini mini stereo plug on the bottom of the treo. Other sounds continue to work, including ringer. Once system sounds quit working, it is difficult to get them to work again. I try plugging and unplugging jack, but usually does not restore system sounds, but sometimes it does.

    is this a problem with all 650s or just mine?

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    I think some, or perhaps many, T650's have defective headset jacks. The micro switch must be sticky. This is usually the result of cutting corners on hardware manufacturing cost, and in no way a good excuse for P1 to stick it to the top of the line phone users.

    Shame on you P1. I expected better.

    hmmm. I think this is my first nasty post
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    Are there any 650s out there that do not have this problem?
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    I had this problem too. It thought it permanently had headphones plugged in. If I tried a headset, the mic wouldn't work either (it thought I had headphones). After trying to jiggle the headset plug inside the jack, I wasn't able to fix it. I went to a Sprint store and after playing with it themselves for 30 min, they just gave me a new one.

    Definitely seems to be a physical problem plaguing a small percentage of users.
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    I have the opposite problem. I have set the system sounds to be off but they stay on.... Then for no apparent reason sometimes they stay off for a while. I don't use a plug in headset so it isn't connected to that.

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