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    There's a software out there called briefcase, (although the website for it no longer exists) that claims to be able to save any kind of file (size permitting) to your visor through a hotsync. Does anyone have any experience saving misc. files to your Visor? Since I take it with me everywhere I go, it would be cool to take along my icq addressbook, or excel spreadsheets? Just to have them safe in case my computer gets fried or something? =)
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    I currently use Quicksheet to carry around excel works great. allows you to edit sheets on visor, unlike viewers such as Documents to Go (which i would get if i didn't have to edit spreadsheets on the visor..)

    i'd like to use briefcase aswell, but...
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    I recommend using one of the free internet based spaces. idrive, driveway, yahoo briefcase, and visto are all excellent ones (esp. visto since it keeps the files synchronized with a folder on your desktop, and only uploads changes that you make.) That way you have your files whereever you have internet access even on macs or unix machines.
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    When I checked out today, I saw a new Program called FileBox. It allows you to use your Visor/Palm as a kind of portable RAM-Disk. You can store files on the Visor and transfer the files later back to the PC. At least the file description says that
    I just downloaded it and will test it over the weekend.
    I will keep you posted how it works.
    I think this might be a good idea, and $9 for the program does not seem too expensive to me.


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    Hey, I tried FileBox but I had trouble getting the desktop software to work with Windows 98. Has anyone else used this software yet? I really like the idea of storing an occasional PC file from work on my Visor so I can transfer the file to my home PC during my nightly hotsync.
    Sure, you can just attach a file to an email and transfer it from one PC to another, but I like the idea of being able to use my Visor to transfer files rather than sending confidential attachments over the internet. Are there any other applications that allow one to accomplish this type of general file transfer using Palm OS PDAs and the Windows 98 desktop?
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    I have. It integrated very well with the hotsync operation.

    Originally posted by Tucsonivisor:
    Hey, I tried FileBox but I had trouble getting the desktop software to work with Windows 98. Has anyone else used this software yet?
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    File Box is working fine for me now. I must have just been having some windows problems. I wish Windows 98 was as stable as the Palm OS.

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