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    I have put in a trouble ticket about this to Dataviz, but I wanted to see if anyone here has had this problem.
    I have a small spreadsheet where the last (fifth) column is calculated from the first four. After opening the file one or two times, that last column becomes locked and the formulas disappear. I get an out-of-memory error when I try to unlock the cells. The only way to get everything back is to delete the file on my 650 and resync with the desktop version.
    I have made sure that the cells on the desktop version are unlocked.
    Any ideas?
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    I got a reply back from Dataviz support this morning. They sent me two files for my 650 and one for the desktop. This was a bug they evidently were aware of and have fixed in the updated files.
    If anyone else is having similar problems, contact Dataviz and get the updates.
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    This morning I started getting resets trying to open a spreadsheet. Deleting the sheet and syncing a new copy didn't work. I have emailed Dataviz again.
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    So, it seems the fix they sent you has a new bug, or it maybe the old bug I always experience at trial ends. DataVis needs to do something about resets caused by their software. This happens across all my Palm devices. .
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    The reply from Dataviz was that possibly a database got corrupted. They recommended uninstalling on the 650 and reinstalling. I did that and updated with the earlier files they sent me and so far all seems ok. I will report back next week after I have had a chance to use DTG some more.
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    DataViz Quality Control seems to be very questionable and support people seem to be following 'written' procedures. I've had some problems updating my copy and now it looks like I'll be forced to do a hard reset and re-install everything because they left a few files that their uninstall doesn't deal with.

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