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    I got my Treo 650 just before Christmas and have been lurking on this board since the first part of January. I've been learning a lot about my Treo by reading all the great information post hear.

    A special thanks for the heads up on the free SD from PO! If not for this board I would not have know about this offer. My FREE 128mb SD card came in today!!! Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with it.

    How do you move,put,push what ever things to the SD since it's not recognize as part of the memory in the Treo?

    In other words what can I do with my new FREEBEE?
    Have a Nice Day!

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    You can already store photos or videos your Treo takes on the card instead of in RAM. Go into Pics & Videos, click on the symbol in the upper right hand corner for the memory card, and when you go back to the Camera or Camcorder program, they will store to the card instead of the RAM.

    You can also use a utility like FileZ to move files to and from the card as needed (FileZ is freeware and is available from ). Also, some programs can be run from the card...there are several threads discussing this..just do a search.

    You can also use a card to do a custom ROM update, if that is something you decide you want to do.
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    You can install whatever you want on the SD card when you hotsync by dragging the apps from the handhel to the SD card window. Some apps will not be seen on the SD by the included Palm launcher or ZLauncher. I installed MegaLauncher, and it is doing great with the SD card apps and docs.

    Btw, 128 mb SD won't get you far. I'm using a 1 GB, and waiting for the 2 GB
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    Also, if you have a wobbly table or chair, and you find that one leg is 1.8 millimeters shorter than the others, the card will work great to stabilize it.
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    Well we're glad to have you on board, jbourg. You'll find tons of info and goodies here at TC land.

    Regarding what you can do with your SD card, you can use it for bunch of things, such as music, videos, documents, pictures, and even apps so you can save some internal memory space. I'd recommend buying an SD card reader/writer so you can easily transfer files between your card and PC. Like what others mentioned, use FileZ to manage your files.
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    Thanks guys.

    I especially like the wobble fix, now I know what to do with the blank card I pulled out. I've been reading a lot on the custom ROM updates, not sure I'm ready for this, although the stuff Shadowmite has done is tempting. But right now I only understand about every other word in Shadowmite's instuctions. Not nearly brave enough for this stuff.

    I'll checkout the utilities mentions.

    Thanks for the information on MegaLauncher, I'd not heard of this utility. And I have no doubt that the 128mb card will be enough, but for FREE it's a good starting point.
    Have a Nice Day!


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