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    Hi, I was reading some information about Image viewer III. It says we could view photos with this application. But how can I turn my photos which I stored in PC into something that my visor can recognize????
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    Real easy. Go to and when you download their "album to go" software you can put any jpeg on your visor. Best of all is the price (free). I've used it, and had no problems.

    Good luck
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    I went another route (a while back). I downloaded the Image Viewer software, which was shareware (not sure if it still is; like I said, this was a while ago). The software I downloaded included a utility for converting images to Palm format--it's called pilcvt or something like that. That program is free, so I just deleted the Image Viewer portions and kept the converter.
    Ken Shirriff's Tiny Viewer is freeware and uses Image Viewer format. So...I just save pictures as bitmaps and use the converter program on 'em. When they are converted, the new Palm-compatible image file is automatically dumped into my install folder.
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    The best feature in "Album To Go" is the slide show. The Palm IIIc comes with the color version of "Album To Go".

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